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Today: 1/1/2011
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DAGC DIVAS: Group Empowers Women Living with Diabetes

Sometimes living with diabetes can be a lonely place. It�s a disease that involves daily decision-making and calculating not only to live a productive life but to live a life without complications. For those women looking for a place to learn more about diabetes, meet others living with disease, and simply get control over their health, there are the DAGC Divas.

The DAGC Divas is an empowerment group for women touched by diabetes. More than 45 women came to the first DAGC Diva session in Fall, 2007 to discuss their challenges with diabetes and have met regularly ever since for camaraderie, support and just plain fun. Through a generous grant from United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland hosts monthly empowerment sessions that take diabetes education out of a clinical setting and into an enjoyable and supportive environment. At these sessions, women living with, at risk of, or affected by diabetes are encouraged to take charge of their condition and live their lives like divas.

Each DAGC Diva session is led by a diabetes educator and focuses on an interesting topic with some fun mixed in. One week it might include a cooking class to learn a healthy way to prepare favorite recipes; a guided trip to the grocery store to learn how to read labels; or a lively session for making diabetes bracelets. Last summer, the Divas also planted and harvested a �Diva Garden� filled with vegetables and herbs. Interested Divas took turns overseeing their Diva garden patch, which was funded through the Cuyahoga County Board of Health cardiovascular Health Initiative.

According to Mary Ann Nicolay, DTR of the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland, there are many people with diabetes who are searching for a solid support system but aren�t sure where to find one. �The DAGC Divas have filled a niche for people who are looking to be motivated to care for themselves as well as for a camaraderie of others in a similar health situation.�

One of the items on the DAGC Diva�s agenda for 2009 will be their participation in the Verizon Wireless Swim for Diabetes this spring. On April 4, the Divas will meet at the Cleveland State University pool�the �unofficial� Diva site�to participate in activities in and around the pool while raising money for diabetes.

CLICK HERE to download 2009 coaching session schedule
(24K PDF file)

DAGC Diva sessions are free, and new divas are welcomed throughout the year. For more information, contact Mary Ann Nicolay at the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland at or .

DAGC Diva Boa-cise 2008

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