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Managing Diabetes

Having diabetes means making some changes in your everyday life. These changes may seem hard at first, but the goal is to keep your blood sugar (glucose) under control to keep you healthier longer and to help you feel better.

The best way to manage diabetes is to learn more about it. Checking your blood sugar, eating healthy and exercising each day can help manage your diabetes. Every diabetes management plan includes monitoring, meal planning, and physical activity. Sometimes, taking diabetes pills or insulin is also needed. Some management plans include oral medications or insulin. Your treatment plan is based on what your body needs and may change over time. Your treatment plan will change over time as your body changes. Remember that the best treatment plan is the one that keeps your blood sugar (glucose) levels in control.

The following pages will help you learn more about managing diabetes. Many of these are also available as audio recordings for the visually impaired or are available en Espaol.

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Materials Written in Plain Language

  • What is Diabetes

  • Testing Your Blood Sugar

  • Diabetes and Food

  • Exercise and Diabetes

  • Diabetes Pills

  • Insulin and Diabetes

  • Know Your Numbers

  • Foot Care

Other Materials

Ask an Educator your Diabetes Question

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